Friday, April 9, 2010

37 pounds

17 kg = 37 pounds!!! Wow - I think Phillips is bigger than Parker Reese!


  1. Aiden just weighed in at 38 lbs on Monday! Go Phillips!

  2. What a big fellow! River (my kindergartener) is only 39 pounds!
    Phillips is so cute!

  3. Hey ya'll -- I think Doug has a money belt and some converters for you to use!

    Our 7 year old daughter from China weighs 36 pounds! She is super skinny, though! Your little boy is so cute.

    I have been corresponding with a family in FL (the Scotts) that will also be in China to get their son. Their dates are May 6-23 so maybe you will see them in Guangzhou! Wishing you the best!