Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just to Hold You

Today is one of "those" days where my arms are longing to hold our son, Phillips. Anyone of my close friends can tell you that I naturally gravitate towards babies. If there is a baby nearby, I gently ask the mommy if I can hold him/her.

It's bright sunny day and I'm ready to go to China! I feel that God has given me more patience than ever, but I long to bring him home and hold him so that we can bond. For those of you who are wondering we are still with CCAI and everything has been sent to China. We are now just in waiting one last time - this time we are awaiting our travel date.

We did add the "ChipIn" widget to our site, to make it easier for anyone who wants to donate to our adoption. We've raised a small amount (about $240 through our Lifesong for Orphans project). The total cost of our adoption will be about $25,000 and we need finanacial support now more than ever, since the end is in site and we are preparing for travel.

Hope everyone enjoys the beautiful weather this week.