Friday, June 19, 2009

Blueberries and Bible School

Blueberries are a great price right now. You can usually find them for about $2.50. Here's my frugal mommy tip of the day. Rinse them and remove any stems. Let them air dry on paper towels and then pack them into snack size ziploc baggies and freeze. When you are ready to make blueberry muffins (we just use the cheap bag muffin mix) add in one of the frozen bags of blueberries and they are so yummy! Your family will beg you to make some more. You can also add them to pancakes or waffles.

The boys attended VBS at Galilee this week. We missed a few nights because Preston went to Six Flags and had a blast with Jeremiah. They rode the Log Flume three times in a row! When they got home around 10:30 PM they were still soaked! Parker Reese announced that he learned about Jesus. I asked him if he saw Jesus and he said, "Yep, he lives at church! Do you know, Jesus, mommy?" Yes, Parker Reese, I know Jesus. Sweet.