Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pouring in...

Today during our staff meeting a story was shared about a group of farmers who planted crops and they finally saw clouds in the sky, and they were filled with a sense of relief because they thought the clouds were going to bring them rain, but they didn't.

Jeremiah and I have been a journey, similar to farmers who plant crops and wait. We've been waiting patiently. However, unlike the farmers who saw the clouds that never brought rain, God has provided for us. Our home has been filled with visitors over the past two days, people have been posting to our fb pages (sorry we are never on fb and just finally saw the messages on our shared email account), we've received unexpected prayers, gifts, meals, and finanacial support.

We hope to be able to blog while we are in China. The first few days of the trip will be spent traveling and then trying to adjust to the jet lag and time change (China is 14 hours ahead of us). We will be united with Phillips on May 17. We appreciate all of the prayers for Phillips, as this is about him being rescued and having a sense of belonging, love, and hope....a forever family.

Our prayer is that our adoption not be focused on us, but on how God will use Phillips in a great and mighty way. We pray that because of him, we will be connected to people who we would have never been connected to before and that God will do great things through our current and new relationships.