Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Tomorrow we will celebrate Chinese New Year with a family from our church, who have also adopted from China. We've been very blessed to have their support and encouragement throughout our wait.

Speaking of Chinese New Year, the travel department in Colorado informed us that we haven't received our travel dates yet because everything is shut down in China until February 19th. They anticipate that we should hear about out travel dates by the end of February.

We've had a great weekend. It snowed here and it was absolutely beautiful! We had fun playing outside. Jeremiah was able to take some of our highschoolers over the Middle School for a snow fight. They had a blast. Some of friends came up to visit from Gwinnett and got snowed in for the night - we had a blast staying up late watching movies. Sad to see it all melting away!