Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home Study Visit #2

Kathy, our Home Study social worker, came over right after school today.  She had a chance to meet the boys, who were on their best behavior...ha-ha.  Preston was so exited that he began jumping on the furniture and displaying immense love for his brother.  

She had to tour our house and check all of our smoke detectors.  The boys went on to Awana's at Blackshear with Jeremiah so she could do my interview.  They were exited to have McDonald's for dinner so they left without any fussing. 

The interview went very well.  She had to ask a lot of personal questions about my family, my childhood, and our marriage.  I'm very comfortable with her so I enjoyed the time talking with her.  She is just about ready to write our Home Study report, but she is currently waiting on two of my references from my principals.  Once she writes the Home Study report her supervisor will check it for necessary factual information and then she was forward it to us to check over.  

Jeremiah's interview will be next week Wednesday.  We've both had our physicals, but he has to go back to have more blood drawn because the doctor didn't draw enough vials when he was there to complete all of the test.  Once he completes his interview and we get all of the paperwork back to Kathy our Home Study will be complete. 

Next up - the Dossier.  Please post any comments if you've been through the Dossier.  We'd love any advise.