Monday, September 21, 2009

We received two out of three documents today

I couldn't believe it when the doorbell rang this morning around 11:00am. He had papers marked "Urgent" and we opened up the soaking wet packages to reveal 2 of the 3 very important documents we need to complete our dossier! Two down - one to go.

For those of you who are dying to see pictures, we have them, but still can't post them. The boys both have brag books (thanks Sara Mixon for the idea) and they are proudly toting them around wherever we go.

We expect that our little man will be about 2 years old by the time we travel to China to welcome him to our forever family! The boys have been running all around the house, screaming, "We are having a baby brother!!" There weren't the least bit disappoined that they will be getting a baby brother and not a baby sister. We really feel that God had this baby boy in mind for us all along, and we are so thrilled to welcome him to our family.

More to come....