Friday, January 2, 2009

5 years ago

Five years ago today at 8:52pm I gave birth to my precious first- born-son, Preston.  We were at a New Year's Eve party when I thought I was going into labor and we called the doctor.  He told me I could come on in to the hospital or just stay and enjoy the party.  We were having a good time with our friends, Donna and Pat Dixon, and I wasn't in pain, so we decided to stay.  That night the reality set in that our baby was coming soon and it was hard for me to sleep that night.  I stayed up late scouring through the books I had bought trying to decide if I was in real labor or not.  Well, it wasn't much longer that my water broke in the middle of the night and we headed to the hospital. Jeremiah loves to remind everyone that I took a shower and shaved my legs before we went to the hosptial.  Preston has been asking me all day to tell the story of the day he was born and we even called Nana this morning so she could sing Happy Birthday to him.  We both reminded him of how he had beautiful black curly hair and she watched him get his first bath in the hospital.  

Jeremiah has to work today, so we had a special day with Preston yesterday.  We took him to Chuck E. Cheese's.  It's only the second time he has been there.  We all had so much fun playing the games.  Then, we went to Target to get a new Transformer and a slushie.  Oh, to be 5!  When I tucked Preston in last night I asked him what he wanted for his special birthday breakfast and he replied, "A pancake with a candle in it!"  I got so excited because we have a new waffle iron from Nana and I said, "Oh, I could make you waffles with a candle!"  He was very serious and said, "Never mind, just make me a regular breakfast of cereal."  So he had cereal today.  

Time really does go by fast.  I can't believe he is 5.