Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Warrior Awakening

I just had to share what I learned at church today. When you have a chance read Judges 6-8. It may be a story that you've heard before...or maybe not. These are three new things I learned today that will help you understand how the story of Gideon can relate to your life. I believe many people are discouraged in their faith or don't read the bible and use it as a guide for their life because they don't see how it relates to them personally. So here's a story that we can all relate to.
1. Wake Up Spiritually-If you "fall-asleep" you can loose large. Gideon (insert your name here) You really need to wake up to Believing God. You are a MIGHTY WARRIOR. God with you makes you a might warrior. Gideon (insert your name again) you have too much fear. You do not understand the power of "I am with you!" Stay awake in your spiritual life.
2. Layer Obedience-Tear down your worldly alter and follow the things that honor God, not the things that your family or your neighbors, co-workers, etc tell you to honor. Honor God by doing what He asks you to do. Layers of obedience and honoring God are too strong to be torn.
3. Pick Up Your Sword-It is God's power, but it is your hand on the sword. Life your life with prayer first...not last.
Just wanted to share. When you insert your name into Gideon's story it really speaks to you!