Saturday, April 4, 2009


If someone were to ask me what my favorite part of parenting has been so far, I would respond, "watching and listening to our children's language development."  I'm sure other parents are more excited to see their child learn to walk for the first time, or learn to ride a bike, but for me it is a blessing to hear our children learn to articulate their thoughts, needs, and wants.  For example, our 5-year-old ran into our bedroom at 5:45am today and proudly announced, "It's Brock's birthday!"  Some of you may not see that as a blessing, for me it shows that he has a best friend and he is so thrilled to celebrate with him today.  

Preston was early to talk and easily memorizes things.  Parker Reese has developed at a more graceful pace, but with both of the boys it has brought so much joy into my life to listen as they learn something new each day.  At breakfast, Parker Reese showed us the difference between his right and left hand.  He knows that he eats his oatmeal with his left hand and according to him, Miss Tonya taught him a song about his left hand and right hand.  

Today Preston was sharing the colors of our state flag and informing us that the Honeybee is Georgia's state insect.  While, Parker Reese is having fun whispering secrets in our ears.  I've been so blessed to really have the time to stop and listen to our children.  

We've always had little nick-names for the boys.  Preston's is BooBoo and Parker Reese's is Kee-Kee.  We are the only ones that really call them by these names, but Parker Reese has recently been using the two nick-names in his playtime.   It's just so much fun to stop "doing" so much and just listen.  Thank you Jesus for these precious sons.