Sunday, May 3, 2009

Biometrics DONE! and cute girlish things

We arrived at the USCIS in Atlanta with a bit of anticipation.  We made it to our appointment early, walked right in, got fingerprinted at left.  I had nearly broken off half of my thumb nail that morning, so I was scared that they wouldn't do my prints.  I must admit I held my breath while they were doing my prints and the technician was laughing at me being such a baby, but broken nails hurt...especially when someone is pushing on your fingers.  
We couldn't take any pictures inside the USCIS, but Jeremiah and I managed to get a picture of each of us standing outside the building so we can document this "big" step in our adoption journey.  Now we'll copy the report and send it to our agency in Atlanta. 
On a fun note, we had a huge blessing on Saturday.  My friend Ashley is the mother of 4 beautiful girls, and they are moving out of state and needed to get rid of baby clothes!  We have not an ounce of anything girlish in our household, so you know me.  I had to wash those clothes and smell the Downy on them as they came out of the dryer.  The boys were so excited and Parker Reese kept taking items to Jeremiah one-by-one showing him baby sisters clothes!  So precious.  I'll savor this first load of her laundry and perhaps try to remember how grateful I was for it, when the never-ending loads hit us later.