Monday, January 5, 2009

Video Camera and other Ramblings

My dear husband drove to Costco tonight to buy the video camera that we have been saving over a year to buy!  It was our Christmas gift to each other, but both of us wanted to wait until after Christmas to get it because we knew it would be a better price.  Well, my hubby did a very good job.  He managed to get $90 off because there was a rebate and they were out of them so we bought the floor model.  Way to go, Jeremiah.  My savvy shopping techniques are rubbing off on him!  

I'm going to try to update the blog since Christmas is over and we are back to school.  

Cute conversation with my 5 year old:
Preston tells me a story as he is drinking his water at bedtime - "Mommy, as I am drinking this water it is hydrating my body, and my body is communicating to the rest of my body to make blood."  I guess he is learning bodily functions in Pre-K.  Who knew??

Cute moment with my 2 1/2 year old:
Parker proudly puts on my red high heels and marches into the kitchen  and announces - "'I'm Tracy Eye... a teacher!"  Jeremiah tries not to choke on his drink.  

Love my boys.