Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Update from Guangzhou

Good evening. Here is the latest update from the Eye family:

We arrived in Guangzhou on Friday evening. I haven't been able to email because I got sick on the flight to Guangzhou with a stomach virus and then got an ear infection and fever. Luckily one of the families traveling with us is a doctor and I started antibiotics yesterday. So I will backtrack a little to fill you in.

Phillips had several rough days of "grieving". He was terrified of everyone and would only feel secure snuggled next to Jeremiah or me while in the sling. While I think he has bonded very easily to us, he was struggling to get rest and to go outside of the hotel. He would become frozen when anyone would approach him.

We've had a huge change since we've been in Guangzhou. Last night we went to the playroom and he ran around playing and laughing. We bought him "squeaky" shoes and he enjoys walking and hearing them squawk. Squeaky shoes are used in the USA for therapy, so now I can see the huge benefit of them! He has slowly started to eat again, but is reverting back to his favorite....rice congee.

He had to get 4 shots and a TB test at the clinic (3 1/2 hours) and we go back today to read the results. He is still a little sick from the shots (diarrhea) but he is great about going to the bathroom. He hasn't had any accidents so far.

Right now he is playing with Miri (an 18 month old girl) that is our hotel neighbor and they are originally from GA. We have become good friends and enjoy spending time with each other. Miri's family lives in Steamboat, Colorado and they are visiting their family in GA in July and we plan to get together.

I'll continue to post updates as I receive them. Have a great week!