Sunday, October 4, 2009

Missing Phillips

I don't know how you can miss a baby that you haven't even met, but maybe other mother's who have adopted have had this same experience. Today when we were having storytime we were reading a book from the Library about welcoming a new baby into a family. I talked with the boys and asked them how they are feeling about having a new baby in the house. I think it's great to have open conversations with the boys about adoption. We want Phillips to always know the truth and plan on being very open with him about his adoption story. I can't wait to have him acting out the parts in the story with his brothers.

I finished the first two pages of his scrapbook. The older boys both have "baby" scrapbooks from birth through age 2. Phillips will have a "baby" scrapbook as well - it will just look a little different. We don't have the luxury of having hundreds of pictures to sort through - the 4 that we currently have are like gold to us. I know that we will take tons of pictures when we are in China.

On another note, we are so blessed to be mentoring and leading a discipliship group of teenagers in Jackson County. I don't think that Jeremiah or I could have ever imagined that God would choose us to mentor teenage boys, but it has been a huge blessing in our lives and we are so fulfilled by sharing life with them. We have 6 junior and senior boys in our group - and another 3 highschool boys that we are mentoring. Today we had 4 of the boys over. They are very close to our hearts - they from a very large family with 22 children! They are amazing young men and their parents have done an outstanding job raising them. I have never in my life met highschool students with such great manners, respect, and love. These boys also know Jesus as their savior and work very hard in school. We love you!! Thank you Jesus for allowing us to share your love with these special young men.