Sunday, March 14, 2010

ChunBao - Our Spring Treasure

Springing forward is a great thing! Our son's Chinese name , Dang ChunBao, means "Spring Treasure" so today is very special for us. We hope to be united soon so we can start to enjoy spring together as a family of five.

The Travel Department thought that we would have our TA by the end of February. We are hopefull that we will hear good news soon. Meanwhile, I started packing a little for Phillips this week. We still have a lot to pack.

I requested an update today. You are allowed to request updates on your child's current health (statistics), daily schedule, etc. We also sent a care package, but haven't heard if Phillips and his nannies received it yet. So we inquired about the care package, too. We've been very lucky to receive updates each time we have requested them.

Pray for us to use this time to prepare. We don't know what the coming months hold, but are peaceful and know that we are ready for Phillips to join our family.