Monday, May 17, 2010

Phillips is Here!!! :)

Wonderful news from Tracy this morning:

Phillips is here!!!!!!!

We went to the Registration office this morning. Phillips was not there yet ;( I waited outside the door and actually saw him drive up! The orphanage director was holding him in the back seat and as soon as they opened the car door, I immediately recognized him. They brought him up the steps and I asked if he was "Chun Bao" and they checked my lanyard and handed him right to me. Luckily, Jeremiah caught it on tape!

He didn't cry at all. Just stared at me. He was hungry and ate chicken and rice for lunch and a bottle of water. He immediately fell in love with eating push. It was a nice day outside. We were able to talk with his "teacher" and she knew him very well. She gave us a photo album of him and we were thrilled to see that he got birthday cake at the orphanage. We were able to see a little glimpse into the orphanage and some of his friends. His teacher cried when she left.

Phillips was frozen scared for a few hours and never cried or talked. However, he is opening up. He can repeat many words and calls us "mama" & "dada". He heard the bath water running and ran into the tub asking for a bath. He LOVED the tub and we played with him forever in the tub. After his bath we snuggled on the bed and he had a blast rubbing lotion all over himself.

Phillips has eaten a lot today: chicken and rice, a banana, an apple, two bowls of oatmeal, two formula bottles and two water bottles. He sat on the potty a couple of times, but nothing. We pulled out a pair of undies and a diaper and asked him which one he wanted and he pointed to the diaper.

He just fell asleep for the night in his daddy's arms so we are heading back to our room. Thanks so much for all the prayers. Phillips is able to walk and knows a lot of sounds. We haven't seen him go up steps as he mostly wants to stay in the sling or be held.

Be sure to view the picture of Jeremiah and Phillips below! :)