Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a difference

What a difference a couple of weeks makes! Phillips is doing sooo much better. He has such a little personality...quiet different than the terried screaming baby we first met. He is blossoming into a toddler. Here are some great things that have happened since we came home:

1. Phillips walks! He is still a momma's boy and wants to be on my hip A LOT, but we've seen huge improvements. He can go down one step without flipping over and can go up steps while holding onto to someone.

2. He is completely off of bottles and can drink very well from either a sippy cup or a regular cup without a lid. He still LOVES super hot drinks and begs for sips of my coffee every morning.

3. He is getting used to dogs! He still doesn't really like our dog, Sigma, but is petting some of the neighborhood dogs and calls every moving thing "doggy"!

4. He is eating! Loves fresh fruit, finally eating meat, and has discovered popsicles.

5. Favorite stuffed animal is no longer Pleasant Goat, but has been replaced by ELMO!

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