Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Could you help us pack?

We've received a suggested packing list from CCAI. I'm going to post the items on the list since some of you have asked how you can help out.

Items that baby Phillips will need:
6 assorted nipples
2 - 8 oz Bottles
3 assorted sippy cups (we don't know if he takes a bottle or sippy)
Baby wipes
Baby shampoo (tearless)
Bay Tylenol/Motrin/Benadryl
Aveeno or oatmeal bath (to treat skin)
2 Blankets
Bibs, regular and disposable
Diapers - Pampers Cruisers -size 4 or 5 (not sure how much he weighs - weighed 24 pounds in March!)
Creamy Desitin
Diaper Changing Pad
Feeding Spoons (large size)
Formula (for sensitive tummies)
Glycerin suppositories
Winter Hat and gloves (2T)
Infant Thermometer
Lice medication and scabies treament (can be donated if unused)
nasal aspirator
pajamas (size 2T)
5 warm outfits or something that layers can been taken off
socks with non-slip bottoms
Large baby sling (very important very bonding and attachment - he is probably too large for the B'jorn) or a hip carrier may work
Hylands Teethin Tablets or Ambesol
Teething Toy
2-3 Simple Toys
Snack Foods (Goldfish, Pretzels, Samll Cookies, Raisins, etc)
Small Toothbrush and Infant Toothpaste
Large Diaper Bag or Carryon bag for his "stuff"

Items can be dropped off at our house, or mailed to us. Leave a comment if you need our address.