Monday, September 22, 2008

What I love about you...

carpools with us on most days of the week - I don't even have to drive to work
reads to our boys
watches the boys while I workout
makes me coffee every morning
goes to Wal-mart with me to run errands so I don't have to go alone
cuts out "school-things" for me

snuggles with me every night
sings to me - new favorite - Your Grace is Enough (he thinks the words are "your grace is in love")
proudly proclaims that he is in the Lord's army - How cool is that?
says, "mommy thank you for making dinner"
forgives easily
makes his little brother giggle
has a vivid imagination

gives me a big hug at the end of the day
copies everything his big brother does
tries to sing the ABC's
loves chocolate M & M's almost as much as I do
has discovered that he can earn a piece of candy corn for following directions
loves to cook with me - "Mommy, I cook!"

What do you love about your family?