Saturday, October 18, 2008


I've been "Tagged" by Sara.  Here is it goes - 7 random and/or weird facts about myself. 

1.  I'm not an "animal" person.  I prefer humans.
2. I had really long hair before Preston was born. 
3.  My husband and I are both the "middle" child.  
4.  I wear perfume everyday. 
5.  I love taking afternoon naps. 
6.  My middle name is Michelle - my mom says that she chose my middle name from my cousin Timothy Michael.  Every child in my family has the same first initial ( no joke)  here is the list:  Todd and Tim, Derek and Denise, Travis and Tracy, Jennifer and Jessica, Korey, Kevin and Keith.  Now we are carrying on the tradition with Preston and Parker.  Weird, huh?
7.  I loooooove to cook and find new recipes.  I always wanted to be a chef. It's my dream to open a Bed and Breakfast....someday. 
8.  I was figure skater and speed skater growing up.
9. I was on the radio in college.  I taught for the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension and they asked me to do a special on "Healthy Breakfast Ideas".  
10.  I was going to major in Family and Consumer Science (formerly know as "Home Ec") but it wasn't offered at my college so I got K-9 certification.  I still think that is my true calling.