Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More blood work this week

Today Dr. David was able to squeeze me into his afternoon schedule to re-draw my blood so that we could update my physical. We tried to get in Friday, Saturday, and yesterday, but his wife just had a baby and then his nurse broke her ribs! Jeremiah will have his done Thursday.

We also have to go back to the jail tomorrow because the office didn't sign our 2nd round of background checks properly and China won't accept them. This will be our third attempt to get our background checks through clearance.

Today I asked the church staff to pray for us. I know that God will unite us with baby Phillips in his perfect timing. Often waiting draws people closer to God and think that is so true. The most difficult part of the wait for me is late at night when I'm snuggled up warmly in my bed. I worry that he's cold, or hungry, or possibly sick and there's no one there to comfort him. We have sooo many luxuries, that my heart aches at the thought of him waiting in the orphanage because of our paperwork hold ups. Please join us in praying that God will protect baby Phillips and provide for him until we can travel.

When will we travel? We are hopefully that we will travel within 6 months or by the end of the school year. Our documents haven't been sent to Colorado yet for translation, due to the hold-up with the expiration of our physical exams and our background checks. Translation takes about 2 weeks after they receive everything and then the dossier is sent to China.