Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Me

Ok, here it goes.  I'm going to be a brave mommy like you Sara.  I'm going to "get real" about being a mommy.  

I did not...allow the boys to take every single couch cushion and pillow out of it's perfect place so that I could read blogs.  

I did not...allow Parker Reese to apply Vaseline to his own lips, creating a huge mound of Vaseline on my bedroom floor so I could read a magazine article on how to save $ on school supplies.  

I most certainly did not...enjoy every ounce of sleep that I got today and yesterday while my boys were in school/daycare.  

I did not, did not...take the doctor's orders to drink sweet tea because it would be easier on my sore tonsils and throat.  It's not all I've had to drink for the past 3 days now.  

I didnot, did not, did not...just give my boys a strawberry poptart right before dinner so that my hubby and I could eat in peace while they go downstairs to play!