Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting to Know you

Here's what we know:

Phillips weighs 32 pounds

Head circum. = 19.5 inches!

Favorite foods - apples, bread, noodles, blueberry smoothies, yogurt, HOT drinks, oatmeal, Cheez-its, bananas, cheese, cinnamon toast, cereal,turkey, rice, Sobe (thx to Marvin...gotta love having students around who think it's cute to give him sugary drinks)

Despises - broccoli, grean beans, any type of sauce

Favorite place to hang out - in the sling, wrapped in mommy's arms

First words - momma, daddy, brobro, nana, yogurt, byebye

Funny thing he does - rolls his eyes

Favorite game - peek-a-boo

Not sure of - dogs

Loves to play in the water

Favorite music- mother's heartbeat and Jimmy Buffett

Favorite thing to play with - momma's cell phone

Has discovered that Chas and Nancy keep a jar of Smarties next door for him and his brothers!

Attached to his Lovie - a blue soft blanket from the staff at Puckett's Mill Elem.

Knows how to walk - but prefers not too

Learning how to climb steps, one at a time, one foot leading, holding on to someone

Misses his best friend, Miri, who was our "hotel" neighbor in China...can't wait till July when we can all be together again!

Loves his brothers, but not ready to share food with them.

Is potty trained - thank you Jesus!

Has brought more joy to our family than we could have ever imagined :)