Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ice Cream Date

Friday, afterschool, the four of us went to Mayfield. It's probably less than 5 minutes from my school. Here's what we had:
Jeremiah: Extreme Moose Tracks
Tracy: Coffee
Preston: Blueberry Pie
Parker: Birthday Cake
If you don't live nearby, you may not know that the Mayfield Dairy milk processing plant also has a cute little store and ice cream shop. They serve a scoop or a cone for $1.50! What a deal! We had fun and saw lots of friends, students and other teachers and their children. Leave us a comment to share what your favorite flavor is.

When we got home we all went for a walk together. I went in to give Parker a bath, while Jeremiah and Preston rode 5 laps around our neighborhood. Preston has a "tag-along" which is a bike that hooks onto the back of Jeremiah's bike and he can peddle, but it doesn't steer. He loves riding it with his dad.

We all got to go for another walk this morning and we enjoyed the cool morning air. Parker, Jeremiah and Sigma ended up going back to the house while Preston and I went for a little jog. I do mean little. I'm not a runner, but I can now jog half-way around our neighborhood. I was pushing Preston in the stroller and it's hard to run up the big hill on the other side of our neighborhood pushing 35 pounds in the stroller. I'm working on making it all the way around without walking. I'll keep you posted :0)