Saturday, August 23, 2008

Preston loves Pre-K

I've been meaning to post an update on Preston starting school.  He absolutely loves his teacher, Mrs. Lyle.  Everyday he comes home to show me a new song that she taught him or tries to retell the story she read that day.  Jeremiah usually drops him off at school, but I had a chance to take him 2 times now.  The first day nearly broke my heart.  Not because he was going to school, but when we pulled up in front of the school,  I got out to give him a kiss and he ran in the building yelling "Get back in the car...I can walk in by myself!"  The second time went much better as we had a conversation about "being polite to your mommy so she doesn't cry on the way to work" and he unbuckled his seat belt, gave me a kiss and said I love you and then walked into school.  Much better. 
Also, we are so thankful for my friend Terri Wilson who picks Preston up everyday in the car rider line and drives him to my school.  We thought that he would be able to ride the bus from his school to mine, but it didn't work out.  Speaking of Terri being a good friend, she has already volunteered in my classroom for 3 days.  She is tireless and cuts, copies, does projects, you name it she helps me out!  She took a whole basket of items home with her and worked until 11pm while her kids watched Indiana Jones.  Now that's a sweet friend.  I don't what I'd do without her.  We love you, Terri!
We'll try to post a picture of Preston with Mrs. Lyle, his Pre-K teacher later. 

Parker Reese is 2 years old!

We celebrated Parker's second birthday in Illinois because we wanted to share the special occasion with family.  So he will get to celebrate two times!  We had ice cream cake, swam at the lake and simmered in the mid-west heat.  
Today we will celebrate again on a smaller scale with our dearest friends, the Mixons.  Our two families combined take up every square inch of our house and we are both adding little ones.  They are adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia and we are awaiting our precious Chinese daughter. 
We have been cleaning all afternoon to get ready for the big celebration.  We are having gourmet spaghetti (one of Parker's favorites), bread and Sara is bringing a salad.  We found some Tuxedo Chocolate Cream Cheese muffins at the bakery for dessert.  
We will try to post pictures later.