Sunday, July 19, 2009


Our sweet friends, the Mixon's, showed us a picture of their baby from Ethiopia! Oh, he is so tiny, yet has so much hair. Sara says she has "pretty" boys so he will certainly fit in with the rest of the A's. What an inspiration in our long adoption journey to see a picture of baby from the other side of the world placed in a loving forever family.

What is taking so long with our adoption? We are currently still waiting on my passport, a fresh copy of our marriage certificate, and paperwork from the state of New York. We are at a stand still until we receive these documents.

We are having a wonderful summer. I'm working at the church and Jeremiah is working on the house and taking care of the boys while I'm at work. We've had a lot of time to jump on the trampoline, catch lots of bugs, and go swimming. I love summer.