Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Together at Last!

A Little About Phillips

Good Afternoon! Here is an update from Tracy and Jeremiah that I received early this morning:

Phillips finally got out of the sling and walked a little. He likes to push the button for the elevator. By the time we get to the lobby he screams to get back into the sling with "MAMA"!!! He is very loving and is attaching well to both of us.

We took him to the doctor today because we thought he may have pneumonia. She said his lungs are inflamed and he does not have pneumonia, but we should put him antibiotics for his respiratory infection. We are still waiting on the prescription.

Phillips' motor skills are delayed, but he walking and we practiced climbing the steps today. I think he will catch up quickly with practice and using his muscles more. He only says a few things in Chinese, but he can repeat many things in English. We bought him some stacking cups today and he is having a blast playing with them. He is walking much better now that he has proper fitting shoes.

Most of the small children in our group know how to eat with chopsticks. So we gave him chopsticks at breakfast this morning. He had no idea how to feed himself, but made everyone laugh when he smacked the waitress with his chopsticks as she walked by. He is slowly learning how to feed himself and is enjoying filling up his belly. He is still on a bottle, but is doing great throughout the day with a straw-cup.

He has gone pee-pee on the potty twice for us and poo-poo twice, as well. He is so excited to earn M&M's!! He is figuring out that mommy and daddy are staying around and that we have some pretty good food and drinks. He screams for me to hold him anytime we leave our room, but is slowly getting more mobile and willing to go new places.

I had to go to the eye doctor today and he was great there. He played with Jeremiah the whole time. One of the girls working at the store swooped him out of my arms and took him to get a balloon and some candy. He is usually terrified around Chinese people, but he really liked her and fell asleep in her arms.

Phillips is now legally our son! We have completed all of the necessary registration and notary documents. We now have the official certificate that we still with him for the rest of his life. He will become an American citizen as soon as we land back in the USA.

We are currently in Zhengzhou. We will fly to Guangzhou on Friday with the other families. We are enjoying this special time with Phillips and are so thankful that he is relatively healthy compared to some of the other children. One of the babies was sent to the hospital today. Most of the children are sick with respiratory illnesses, skin conditions from bug bites, viral skin infections, and diarrhea. These are all very common. Please pray that each of the children would quickly regain their strength for our journey back home.

Thanks for all of your prayers!