Saturday, May 1, 2010

Counting Down

Sara - you are wonderful. Thank you for loading the countdown to Phillips on our blog. WoW! We have been waiting for a really long time. We started our adoption paperwork when Parker Reese was just a year old, so it seems surreal that we will be leaving in less than 2 weeks to bring Phillips home.

We had our conference call with Josh, founder of CCAI, on Friday. He gave of lots of helpful hints and reminded us that we are there for the sole reason of bringing home our child. It will be an exhausting trip - 7 flights, I imagine that Phillips will be scared to fly since he has never experienced life outside of an orphanage. All the usual tricks that worked with my first two on airplanes (little bags of snacks such as cheerios, goldfish, special treats of skittles) will probably not work with him because he may not like them!

I was able to pick up a sling today. I'm praying that Phillips will fit into it! I had hoped to find a "wrap" rather than a sling, but I couldn't find one today. If anyone finds one before we leave, let me know! I think the sling will work because I can still wear him on my hip and the sling will just help support him - not really hold his entire weight. I'm a little nervous about what clothes to pack for him. We had packed size 2 - already unpacked those. I think we are settling on a mixture of size 3 and 4. Shoes...who knows? Our friends have said that there are many places to purchase clothes, but we know we will be tired and dealing with a new child, so we don't want to be shopping for clothes.

Other exciting news...our oldest son lost his first tooth! I was so filled with joy. I had no idea how exciting this would be! I wiggled it pretty hard one night, but it wasn't quiet ready to fall out. I figured it would come out the next day at school, and sure enough I got a text from Jeremiah saying that Preston let one of the teacher pull his tooth out at school! The tooth fairy brought $3 and he has already bought Pokemon cards at a yard sale (thank you Jessica Hubers)!

Our second son is growing so fast! He fits right into Preston's clothes as he outgrows them. Its neat to see Preston in a pair of pj's one day, and Parker Reese in them the next. Parker is smaller than Preston was at this age and they are soooo different. I love them each so much and I'm so thankful for the their different personalities.

My mom will be staying at our house with the boys while we travel. We have to be gone for 18 days, so we knew that would be a long time for the boys to travel and be out of their normal routines. They are excited and will have fun with Nana. I will miss them. 18 days on the opposite side of the world is too far! I'm sure we will be busy and hope this offers us a time to bond with Phillips.

Our extended family - highschool students...the Senior girls came over Friday. We had a quick Home Ec/College Survival lesson on how to prepare frozen pizza, sweet tea and turtle brownies. The girls and I had a great time together. We played tennis, had girl time, and watched movies. I fell asleep before the movie ended (surprise, surprise). I'm so blessed to be a part of the Senior girls' lives and they are a blessing to us, too. I will miss them all so much when they move to college in the fall. Some of Jeremiah's guys played at Chaos - battle of the bands tonight. They are so awesome. We are so proud of all of them!

Probably won't get to blog for a while. We have lots of packing and last minute things to take care of. Thanks for all of your prayers and cards. We look forward to introducing you to Phillips in June!