Sunday, October 5, 2008

Background Checks

This weekend we wanted to complete our background checks to mark off another "to do" item on our list. We had to go to the Jackson County Jail which I was totally un-prepared for. I had no idea that we would be walking into the same room where they "book" people and also where the inmates were having visiting time. For those of you that know me well, I was so upset seeing the babies and children there visiting their daddies. As I said before, I just thought we would be going to a county office in a seperate section and wasn't prepared to seeing what I saw. You know I've lived a very sheltered life...another story.

We waited a long time or maybe it just seemed long to me since I was uncomfortable there. When we returned to the Jeep an officer came up to us in a stern voice and said "You are parked in an unrestricted area!" I politely and calmly explained to him that we were just there to have adoption business taken care of, I apologized for parking in that area, and wished him a good weekend. As I'm trying to get in the Jeep and apologize to the officer there are prisoner's literally 20 feet from me being patted down and entering back into the gate. Their glares felt like daggers to me. I was just so uncomfortable. I could not wait to get back home.
So all of my friends that have gone through this, I wish you would have warned me! I guess we just happened to arrive at visiting hours and also the prisoners who were out doing work were coming back in, so it was a combination of bad timing. Yikes!

It's seems to crazy to me that we have to go through all of this to bring our daughter home, when there are people who obviously aren't fit to be parents sitting in the same room as my husband and myself who are trying to rescue and raise an orphaned baby! Thanks for listening to me vent! One day we will have a good story to tell our baby girl about all the hoops we jumped through to bring her home.