Sunday, December 7, 2008

So thankful Sunday

Today we were blessed to be a part of giving away a huge amount of $ through our church, 12Stone.  Through the help of our church and a co-worker, we were able to help a dear friend of mine that I  used to teach with.  I don't want to list her name to protect her privacy, but she is currently battling cancer.  It is truly better to give than to receive and we witnessed that first hand today.  God is good all the time and provides more than we could ever do alone.  

On Thursday we packed up treat/Christmas bags for the orphanage in Haiti.  The boys helped with the project and it was quiet a production!  We ended up getting so many donations that we plan to meet again to make more bags.  It was great to see everyone come together to give to the orphans and my friend Beth will be treating people in the Clinic there and handing out snacks and toiletries.  I'll let everyone know when we are collection items again.  The biggest need for the orphanage is Ensure (the store brand is fine).  One bottle of Ensure cost about $8 in Haiti and we can get a case of Ensure at Wal-mart for about the same price.  

This week we have so much to be thankful for.  Baby Haley, my cousin's baby who was born at 31 weeks, got to come home!  We also got to visit with lots of relatives from out of town and spend time with my cousins three daughters.  

We visited Santa in town and the boys loved him.  There weren't any tears and all went well.  We had way too many events to go to this weekend, so I ended up having to miss a Women's Tea that I was planning to attend so I apologize to my friends that I can't be in all places at one time.  We also had to turn down an invitation to watch our neighbor dance in a parade, so we are sorry we missed you, Alexis.  December is just a very busy month filled with fun events.  

Today we have a birthday party to attend for one of my sweetest students, Bailey.  So the boys are napping since we have an afternoon of playing at Pump It Up ahead of us.  I know this blog entry is in bits and pieces, but that's how our life is right now - running to and from events.  We are going to try to slow down this week so please don't be offended if we turn down your invitations ;)