Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Home Study Visit

Whew...I can't believe I'm still awake.  We just finished our first Home Study Interview with our social worker, Kathy.  Jeremiah and I really like her.  She has a very quiet and calm personality.  We were both worried that we wouldn't be able to get the boys to sleep before she arrived, but all went well.  Jeremiah put Parker to bed and I read Harry Potter to Preston, and snuggled for a while and he went right to sleep.  He wanted to stay up to meet Kathy and show her his Transformers and talk to her about his "discoveries", but I promised him that he could do all of the at her next visit. 
Kathy talked with us a lot about attachment issues and bonding.  She said that our baby will most likely be at least 9 months old, but it is more than likely that by the time we travel to China and get home she will be about 13-14 months old.  She shared with us a lot of cultural resources and playgroups that will be helpful for our daughter to have others to connect with who are adopted and who are also Chinese.  
We have several things to complete before she can complete our Home Study.  Right now we are working on employment verification letters and medical exams.  We are in the process of trying to find a family doctor in Jackson County so that we don't have to drive all the way to Lawrenceville.  Jeremiah is going to check with our insurance company tomorrow to see who we can switch to that will be in the network.  Oh, the joy of HMO's!  
We have two more appointments with Kathy this month.  We will be busy!  Keep us in your prayers as we move forward with the paper chase and Home Study.  This is a very exciting time as each day passes, we move closer to bringing home our Chinese daughter.