Monday, May 10, 2010

Countdown to baby!

Countdown to baby!
I never knew how much adopting would resemble having a biological child. Our last few days have been filled with lots of phone calls, visitors, and emails. Its all very exciting and a little scary, at the same time.

My mom arrived in Atlanta earlier than we had expected, so we were able to enjoy time with her this afternoon and enjoy dinner with friends. We spent all evening visiting and talking. We were surprised with a new backpack, in my favorite color of fashionable black, filled with all of the little things we still needed for Phillips!!!! We are so blessed (beyond belief)!

I rarely check facebook, but I did see on my email account that many friends had posted encouraging words and prayers for our trip and for Phillips. We appreciate all of our friends and are so thankful to have great support!

Tired...going to rest. Hope to post pictures from China. We will get Phillips on May 17th in the afternoon.