Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TB Test Results

Good morning! Here's the latest news from Tracy and Jeremiah:

We went back to the clinic to check Phillips' TB results and the spot on his arm measured too large so we had to go get a chest x-ray. He didn't like that one bit, but they allowed me to put a vest on and hold his hands while they did the x-rays. Everything turned out fine and we were able to leave.

Phillips continues to make progress each day. He is babbling more and more and loves to repeat English words. He hasn't been eating very well, but we are hopeful that a normal routine at home will make things easier for him. We've traveled a lot and moved hotels, so each place is a new adventure and lots of appointments to go to.

We are excited for everyone to meet Phillips, however, with all that he has been though, we plan to keep him home for a while. Out of all of the 15 children in our group, he had the hardest time adjusting to going outside of our room and being around other people. He attached to us very quickly, but he becomes terrified and freezes up when other people try to talk with him or interact with him. He has gotten comfortable with our travel "neighbors" and their little girl and we continue to reassure him of our love and affection.

We ask for your prayers as we have three more flights - one to Beijing and then from Beijing to Chicago, and then Chicago to Atlanta. This is a long time on the planes and we pray that he will be restful and and have an easy trip.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!