Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chapter 2

One of the necessary items in our adoption paperwork is to have a Septic Inspection. This coincided nicely with normal maintnence of our home, because we were due to have it pumped out. We hired a company that the Mixon's had used and they sent 2 hours searching for the tank. I presented the drawing that we received at our closing to them, but the tank was buried so deep that they couldn't locate it without digging a bunch of wholes in the yard.
The boys and I had to make a trip to Environmental Health Services in a Jefferson to get a better copy of the septic system. We had to reschedule the workers to come another day. The boys had fun getting into the whole that the workers dug. So we finally have the inspection letter that we need to send off with our paperwork.
Our first Orientation meeting with be on August 9th. Amy and Matt will be watching, or I should say "chasing" the boys for us while we attend the meeting. Our dear friend, Sharon, who has already brought her daughter home says that the meeting will be very helpful and informative.
We've had a lot of people ask us a lot of questions about our adoption. The most common question seems to be "when will bring her home". We don't know exactly when we get to bring our baby home, but we are anticipating a wait time of at least three years.