Saturday, November 21, 2009

Does he speak English?

If you've ever adopted a child you kind of get used to the fact that people - the ones that know you and complete strangers - ask you all sorts of questions. We don't mind the questions, but some of them just make us say....REALLY? Did they REALLY just ask that question?

Our most recent question - "Does your baby speak English"? For some odd reason when I'm asked this question (and it seems to come up on a daily basis) I want to scream - "Would you know how to speak Chinese if you lived the United States, in an overcrowded orphanage, and you were 21 -months- old???????? Instead, I kindly remind them that our baby is in fact a BABY and no, I really don't think they are teaching 2nd languages in overcrowded orphanages in The People's Republic of China!

Update - we have every good intention of teaching our baby English when we bring him home, just as we taught our other children English. However, I do hope that baby Phillips has learned some of his Native Language while living in the orphanage. Our son, was born with Spina Bifida and any language that he is picking up on or will learn when we bring him home, will be a blessing to us. We are expected that he will have motor and language delays due to his Spina Bifida and from living the early stages of life in the orphanage.

We have received both of our updated background checks. My new bloodwork is complete, but needs to be notarized, but we have to wait for Jeremiah's bloodwork to return from the lab. So that's all we know right now.

Our Both Hands Ministry project is well underway. We are so thankful that a widow has been revealed to us. She actually attends our church and lives just a few minutes away. We have the landscaping project list that she needs help with. Our next step is hosting a Dessert/Coffee get together. The O'Neal family has graciously offerred to allow the team of volunteers to use their basement for the get together. At this meeting I'll be introducing the team of volunteers to the widow and explaining the process of adoption. If you are interested in joining in this amazing One day project, please contact me as soon as possible. We are still in need of donations of mulch, plants, bushes, and small trees for the widow. We are also in need of at least 500 press and seal envelopes and first class stamps. You can email me at