Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sold and Sick

Wow - thank you to our friend Amy and Jeremiah's principal for bidding the highest on our apple pies!  We are setting that money aside for our next fee.  We are so grateful.  

I had to leave work suddenly today because Parker got very sick at the babysitter's house.  When I arrived, all the children filled me in on the details of the entire event.  Even though I was at work, I got the play-by-play of Parker getting sick everywhere after lunch.  A huge thank you to Ms. Castleman who took over my class until the sub arrived and to Ms. Mayfield for driving me to pick him up.  What would I do without my friends?  The biggest thanks needs to go to poor Tonya and Chaunda for having to clean up the mess.  Yuck!!

Tomorrow is pajama day for both of the boys and also at my school.  We'll have to see how Parker does through the night to determine if we'll all be back at school tomorrow.  Pray that the aweful stomach bug gets out of our house quickly!

Good night,

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